How To Get A Free Cooking Guide P2P For Runescape

The first Grand Exchange guide that we are going to cover in this article is Cooking Guide PvP. For those of you who do not know, Cooking Guide PvP is a form of service which allows you to trade crafted food for cash in the game. If you have ever played the original version of the game (Aion) then you know that cooking is one of the most important aspects of being able to survive. It can help heal you as well as food can be sold to vendors. I am about to tell you exactly how to get started with this great new method of earning gold!

How To Get Started With Cooking?

Cooking Guide

Great Things About Cooking Guide P2P

Cooking Guide

One of the great things about the cooking guide P2P is that there are many different ways to train your cooking skills. One way is by using an OSRS mount as mentioned above. Another great feature of this cooking guide is that you can level up a number of skill levels by simply using the cooking skill books. This means that you will be able to gain more skill points per book used! This is a huge benefit because you won’t need to grind so many skill levels to get to the high levels in the game!

Now, we all know that PvP is all about grinding. You want to do as much damage as possible, right? Well, here is where the runescape cooking guide p2p comes into play. There are many different skill books that will help you level up your cooking skills fast. These skill books are not going to be found on the skill tree. However, if you buy the whole runescape cooking guide then you can use all the skill books that come with it to speed up your cooking skills!

Here’s a little tip that will help you get that needed edge. When you buy any of the runescape 1 99 cooking guide products from a retail store, you get the message saying that you already have that recipe? So don’t be discouraged, just keep re-checking that chest until you find that sweet juicy fish you have been wanting! This is because cooking increases your cooking level and fishing increases your fishing level.

How Do You Get Cooking And Fishing Guides?

One way is to get them for free by using a PayPal payment link below. You can also get a physical book of the Cooking skill which has all the recipes inside. This is a much better option because you can read the recipes there rather than having to search the internet for the exact recipe. I have been using this method to level my cooking quickly because the price of the book is not too high.

Final Thoughts

Another way is to go on a free trial for one of these cooking guides. Some websites will allow you to download a beta version before they are completely ready. These beta versions usually come with a guarantee so you can be assured of a quality product. You will also get a small gift when you order so that if you do not like it you can get your money back. Just be careful not to give your credit card information to many sites because many people out there will try to sell you a cooking guide and take your money without giving you a quality product!


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