Here Is The Best P2p Cooking Guide

Naturally, the skill and experience required to prepare such a diverse range of cuisines are challenging to come by. Only the most dedicated and disciplined adventurers will devote the time and effort required to achieve the status of a chef. Do you work as a line cook or a chef? You’ll have to make that option for yourself somewhere along the road to 99 Cooking. The p2p cooking guide is here to assist you.

Before Grinding, Simmer The Skill For Around An Hour

food on the grill

Preparation for a Cooking climb isn’t as tricky as it is for other talents. You’ll mostly need to obtain a large number of materials, which the Grand Exchange should be able to provide with the appropriate quantity of money. Gertrude’s Cat may not appear to be necessary. And it isn’t — at least not in the form of a spreadsheet. In addition to the XP, completing the task will reward you with a pet kitten.

It Is All About Location- P2p Cooking Guide

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It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking; it’s all about where you’re cooking. Of course, having a bank close to your cooking range is excellent. You’ll farm XP faster if there are fewer steps between you and an inventory of thoroughly cooked items. It implies that for the hurried cook, there are a few great spots around Gielinor.

Add A Pinch Of Determination And A Dash Of Gp.

Cooking poison karambwan is recommended by several instructions immediately away. That is, after all, an option. It’s crucial to remember, though, that the road to 99 is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to dive right into the 1-tick end of the pool, don’t let the advice in this tutorial stop you. After all, they’re simply suggestions. If you’d prefer to go for a low-key approach and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime on your second monitor, that’s fine with us.

It’s More Like Orange Lobster Than Red Lobster.

You’ll notice that we slightly overshoot the level milestones when moving to newer species in the upper levels. While perfect science is possible, we prefer the less scientific method of “just acquire a few additional levels and call it good.” You’ll burn some stuff, but not nearly as many as if you went straight for the new tier. After completing the Family Crest quest, you’ll be able to obtain the cooking gauntlets, which lower the danger of burn for any fish from lobster to kingfish. Before you can take on Family Crest, you’ll have to go through a long list of qualifications, but if you’re in it for the long haul, it might be worth it.

Calamari Karambwan

You can offer a sumptuous cephalopod feast in the shape of the Karamja karambwan starting at Level 30 Cooking. You’ll need to finish the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to cook this lovely but dangerous tropical fish properly. It’s a massive quest in terms of criteria, but it shouldn’t be too tricky if you’ve already done Family Crest.


You’ve made it to the end of the p2p cooking guide. You ate your way through a feast of seafood, added some wine and pies for taste, and ended your Cooking journey with a curry or two.

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