Baking Soda Cleaning Tips – What You Can Do to Rid Your Closets of Smells

Baking Soda Cleaning Tips – What You Can Do to Rid Your Closets of Smells

Baking Soda is a cheap natural substance that you can use almost anywhere in your home. It’s also versatile and works well on various surfaces. Baking soda has been an effective cleansing agent for centuries and has recently been proven to be a viable alternative to harsh commercial cleaners. Baking soda works by removing hard water stains and is also fairly effective at removing grease and hard mineral stains. For these reasons, many people use baking soda in their own homes. Here are a few simple baking soda to clean up tips that can help you to use this cheap wonder material in your own home.

An Overview

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Many baking soda cleaning tips focus on ridding a room of a chemical smell or odor. This is often associated with heavily soiled areas, but it can occur everywhere. For this reason, baking soda works great at removing the chemical smell. Simply mix it into a spray bottle, spray it on the area, and use a wet sponge or cloth to scrub it in. If the chemical smell comes off too fast, simply add more of it.

Reduce Harsh Chemicals

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You may find that following one of the baking soda cleaning tips reduces the amount of harsh chemicals in your cleaning solution. This is because baking soda absorbs moisture from the air. When mixed with water, it turns into a neutral, colorless substance that makes it easier for various cleaning agents to penetrate it. In order to get the best results, you should try to mix it with cool water. It is best to do this shortly after you begin to clean.

Great Solutions

Some of the simplest baking soda solutions also work well for removing mildew. Simply add some bicarb soda to your warm water, and allow it to sit for up to an hour before scrubbing. Scrubbing with soap water may cause the odors to the surface, so it’s best to keep this solution on the surface of whatever you are cleaning to keep the odor down. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the solution afterwards.

Lemon juice is another great additive for household cleaning needs. Lemon juice is naturally abrasive, which allows it to loosen dirt and grim, but it is mild enough not to strip off the shine on many household appliances. For this same reason, lemon juice is also good for removing stains. The abrasiveness is what allows it to clean off grease, so it is best used in conjunction with regular household cleaning products.

Final Trick

Sprinkle baking soda in your clothes after every garment washes, and it will help to reduce the chemical smell that comes from them. This can be particularly useful for those who wear very expensive silk clothing or linens. By adding a small amount of baking soda to your washer or dryer, you will be able to reduce the chemical smell that can linger in your home.


If you have a lot of grease buildup in your garage or bathroom, you should consider using the baking soda solution above. This is because it will draw out the grease and allow you to easily remove it from your cloths. The baking soda won’t draw out the odors, but it will make it a little bit easier to dispose of the unwanted grime. The biggest downside to using this method though is that it may take a couple of weeks to work.

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